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12 Volt Lighting Products

The ZY-757W-LED is designed with a white base for a sleek look in your vehicle. The Intertek LED meets AMD 016 Standard, Triple K-A1822-F and EMI tested.
Part Number Specifications
ZY-757W-LED Meets or exceeds Radio Frequency Interference also ROHS Compliant
Features include: Low Power Consumption — 1.20 amps; Low Heat; Solid State Design; Cool White, Even Light, Eliminates Shadows within the Vehicle; Ultra Thin Recess Mount; Easy Installation; Mercury Free — Environmentally Friendly; Reliable and Rugged; High/Low Feature; Instant Light — No Surge.
LED Cold White 60Deg View Angle, Low Power Consumption and Long Lasting
Part Number Length/Switch/Lumens
ZY-PIR-21 8.5” / Has Switch / 50 Lumens
ZY-PIR-29 11.5” / Has Switch / 200 Lumens
ZY-PIR-38 15” / Has Switch / 280 Lumens
ZY-PIR-112* 24” / No Switch / 350 Lumens
Great alternative to fluorescent lighting. Operates at Low Voltage without Issues. *ZY-PIR-112 is designed to be hard wired to door pin switch
Chrome LED Compartment Light – Low Amp Draw
ZY-156-LEDC 15” / Has Switch / 280 Lumens

LED Lighting Co-Pilot Light Emergency Vehicle Dome Light and Parts Interior Dome Compartment Light


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