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Advanced Restraint Systems and Safety Products for Emergency Vehicles

PROTEK™ Advanced Restraint Systems for Emergency Vehicles

The “Vehicle Mounted” Advanced Restraint System disperses

loads to multiple points of structure within the vehicle.

(Anchorages in the vehicle should be validated to FMVSS 210 )


EMS Safety Concerns

Crashes involving ambulances are the most probable cause of EMS fatalities.
The fatality rate for EMS workers is more than twice the national average.
Most serious injuries and over 80% of fatal injuries occur in the rear of an
ambulance from improperly restrained, or unrestrained occupants.

PROTEK™ Advanced Restraint Systems for Emergency Vehicles are:

• Easy to Use, Comfortable and Functional
• Provides a Wide Range of Motion
• Reduces Lateral Movement and Minimizes Upper Body Rotation
• Promotes a Safer, Seated Position
• Provides Rollover Protection
• Replaceable and Cleanable
• Components of the System are routinely tested to meet or exceed applicable sections of FMVSS 209
• Meets or exceeds FMVSS 302
• No cumbersome Latches, Levers or Cables
• Designed for Side-facing Applications

PROTEK™ Advanced Restraint Systems Come in a Variety of Web Colors


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