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Wood Screw Thread Types

Deep (Coarse) The preferred choice for most woodworking applications. Agressive threads maximize holding power in softwoods, particle board, and MDF board.

Type A Traditional sheet metal thread. Good for multiple applications in wood and metal and commonly used in harder woods to prevent splitting

Twin Fast Double lead thread decreases drive time compared to single lead thread designs. Good for hardwood fastening applications involving longer length screws.

Hi-Lo Specialty thread originally designed for plastics used on a small variety of wood screw applications.

Machine Screws Standard machine screw threads to fit mating part applica tions such as mounting drawer pulls.

Wood Screw Features

Nibbed Flat Head Built-in Nibs under the head assist the fastener to self-countersink the screw head without pre-boring.

Type 17 Point The self-drilling point for wood applications. Prevents splitting and bursting of wood particularly for softwoods, particle board, and MDF board by displacing excess wood material from the drilled hole.

Sharp Point Tapered points on deep threaded screws for thin material applications
allow fastener to pierce surface for easy starting.

Spoon Point Unique drill point for small screws providing uniformity in the drilled wood surface.
Not intended for larger screws where displacement of wood material is an issue.

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